Luxx Gives Back

At Luxx Events, we are different! We strongly believe that you have to give to live. That’s why we created a program that helps startup nonprofits and smaller established nonprofits put together an annual event plan, execute events, understand event budgets, using social media to boost attendance and fundraising streams of revenue.

Each year we choose 1-2 companies to work with for the entire year. These companies get unlimited access to our consulting services, templates, and our time for FREE. That’s right, I said free. While we can’t help everyone, we feel that anything we can do to help these worthy causes establish themselves only makes our community that much stronger. We love Lincoln and we love the passion of our local nonprofits.

Gretchen Arroyo also sits on the Executive Committee as Vice President for EventLNK Lincoln’s largest association of event professionals and suppliers. She is also the Parade Chair for Star City Pride Parade 2020-2021 and regularly volunteers in the LGBTQIA community to promote love equality.

Charity Partners of choice:

Inaugural Star City Pride Parade

A Warmer Day  A Warmer Day supplies winter apparel to some of Nebraska’s most neediest families.
Star City Pride Star City Pride is Lincoln’s annual LGBT festival promoting inclusion and equality.
Petal it Forward  Petal it Forward is a national movement driven by florists, designers and wholesalers to distribute fresh flowers to the public. Each person gets 2 flowers one to keep and one to petal it forward and brighten someone else’s day. Field’s Floral & Cutts Floral Distributor were the coordinators of this year’s event.

Know any AMAZING new nonprofits in a struggle to raise funds and community awareness? Contact us HERE  and fill out the below submission to be considered.