Nature Inspired Designs

Use natural surroundings as inspiration for your next event design!
Road Trip Design 101

I don’t know about you, but I love to travel. There is nothing better than a full tank of gas, my favorite playlist and a weeklong road trip! Well……. better if it’s 2 weeks! LOL
I love nature. So, almost all of my trips involve a national park, hiking, kayaking, or simply exploring open spaces. I do my best overthinking on long walks or hikes collecting sticks and rocks or just taking in the beautiful scenery wherever I am. Because I have a tendency to not be able to turn off my work mind, I try to use this quiet time to think through my next event’s creative elements with an eye on my natural surroundings. Getting inspired with landscape, colors along with natural elements has always come easy for me.
I take a section by section approach when thinking about my event decor. Usually, thinking about my stage first, since it is the focal point for each event. As, I begin to think about the stage or whatever focal point my event has, I look at the colors that are surrounding me. How the sunlight plays off the trees, or the shadows fall on a cloudy day. I like incorporating a natural feel with my event lighting. Colored washes or uplighting can mimic a sunny spring morning or stormy blue afternoon, the golds and burnt oranges of a canyon, and really create a great mood for your event. Events are an experience, after all. So as event planners, we should always be thinking about event lighting and what mood it conveys to our guests. What feeling does your design and event lighting convey?
Nature is an easy inspiration for table centerpieces, and floral decor. I cannot recall any tablescape that I have used or designed that did not have a natural element incorporated as a focal point (sand, leaves, twigs, stones, feathers, etc). Use your natural surroundings as your guide to the mood your are creating and make sure your inspirational elements consistently set the mood you are going for with your decor. Be daring! It’s not just about fresh flowers. Dried grasses, and palm fronds, even potting soil are unexpected additions that can easily wow your guests.
Finally, I think about any natural elements that I can use or incorporate for other areas of my, like check in or registration tables, etc. Is there a color from my stage uplighting that I can tie into table runners for my registration tables or mini floral pieces that use some of the same elements as my centerpieces and place on the Cash Bars or Silent Auction tables? Soft seating is always a winner at any event. And by incorporating your nature inspired color palette with throw pillows or rugs, you set the mood for your guests to relax and enjoy!
So, be mindful and creative. Keep it natural. AND most importantly…..Keep inspiring others!

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