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Getting Up Early
This is not always a popular subject with Event Planners. There are so many studies that talk about late night creativity, that most planners mistakenly believe that in order to be more successful, they should be a “Night Person”. But, is that always true? No way! While creativity is incredibly important in our field, If you think about it, most event planners are actually running their own business. Even those employed by agencies or companies are typically their own little island in the sea of corporate business. So, embracing the traits found in successful entreprenuers and working smarter is actually going to be the way to go. What is one of those traits? Yep, you guessed it! Getting up early.
But Why?
Getting up early allows you to plan and organize your day before the rest of the world arrives at their 8-5 job. I use the early morning between 6:30 and 7:15am to check out my “To-Do” list that I made at the end of the previous day. I schedule the tasks in Outlook for the day according to their priority and time. I then double check, my event timelines to see if there is anything that I need to add for the day, or something that I may have missed. Now that my task list for the day is looking good, I then will check my e-mail. I am usually at the end of my first cup of coffee at this point. 
When that’s done, typically around 7:15am, I allow myself time to check out industry sites for the latest trends. Just because you may be in a small or mid-sized market, does not mean you need to be oblivious to what is going on in the LA, NY, and Miami event scene. I use this time to check out events, new suppliers, AV equipment, pricing, etc. I typically get some of my best ideas and inspiration during this time.  I have a folder that I keep future ideas and inspiration images that I find for future use. I find that by adding this “Pre-work, work” time between 6:30- 8am It helps make me more efficient and keeps me on task. 
By 8am, I am ready for my second cup of coffees, and to start my work day calling suppliers, sending bid requests, managing my tasks for the day. 
If you notice, I haven’t mentioned anything about Facebook, or Instagram. That’s totally intentional. I DO NOT check social media before work. Social Media is a distraction, and can suck away valuable productive hours. I will log in as part of my task list to check my company pages, respond to direct messages, and do any event posts that need to be done. But, I try to avoid it at all costs. It’s way too easy to get wrapped up into comments my friends are making, and mindless posts.
How do you organize your day and keep on task? I’d love your feedback!
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