As an event professional for most of my career, the age old struggle of finding an engaging speaker rears it’s ugly head for me just about once a year. Now that I am located in a small market, the task is not as simple as it used to be. I have clients that want that perfect “Wow” speaker, but don’t have the budget, or worse, have their own “Amazing” speaker ideas without even knowing if their choice is a professional speaker. The struggle is real.

I have found some fantastic and truly engaging speakers that I have worked with that didn’t break my client’s budget. But, how do you find these gems in a small market? The answer is to first start within your own networking circle of professionals. Ask around, and for goodness sake ATTEND events in and around your area to see who is making the rounds. I use google A LOT when putting together my speaker recommendation lists. I do my homework by watching videos and reading bios along with visiting my local speaker’s bureau for a fee range on some of the regional speakers in my area.

Another great tool in my event planner tool bag is BizBash. Almost every year they release a top speakers/entertainers list gathered together from some of the top event planners in the country.  Click HERE to see the latest. While most of these speakers might be outside of my local clients price range, I usually include one or two from this list  along with some similar local options that I have researched just to keep things in perspective with client expectations.

The bottom line is that you need to do your homework and inspect what you expect. Have some feedback or questions? Hit me with it below.

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